About Us

A New Approach To Healing
Regenerative Processing Plant was founded on a simple principle, “follow the science”.  This single standard has since become our charter and has helped place RPP at the forefront of regenerative product advancement. Our mission statement is summarized by our slogan “Science-Based Regenerative Medicine, Advanced Technologies for Humanity™”. Perhaps one of the most experienced regenerative companies in the world, our team of global experts possess an unrivaled depth of understanding and knowledge about the human body’s capacity to repair itself. On track to now become a world leader in regenerative product innovation and development, RPP is committed to a full line of regenerative products designed to advance the body’s ability to heal.

Bio-Science, Changing Medicine
Regenerative Processing Plant has long studied the benefits of placenta-derived biomaterials and their unique characteristics. The placenta-derived biomaterials are a rich source of proteins that help support the repair and regeneration of soft tissues. RPP is the first company to understand the importance and test for the presence of GDF-11 in every lot of our liquid allograft product. GDF-11 has been called the “Youth Hormone” and has been cited for its ability to rejuvenate cells and tissues.

Product Safety; Quality One
Regenerative Processing Plant is a Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered tissue processor.

RPP has developed the only proprietary patent protected process to sterilize placenta-derived biomaterials without harsh terminal irradiation thus ensuring patient safety while maintaining cell viability and activity.

We Prefer To Lead, Not Follow
Regenerative Processing Plant has taken a leadership role in the pursuit of effective regenerative products, treatments, therapies. We understand the importance of regenerative healing and the universal impact it will have on the science of medicine. Every medical specialty stands to benefit from new cell-based innovations and discoveries. Whether in orthopedics, sports medicine, spine, wound-care, ophthalmology, anti-aging, plastic surgery or general practice, regenerative medicine will change the way patients are treated. RPP is committed to “follow the science” with products that address the challenges of these changes and support the practice of regenerative healing.