The PurAcel Inhalation Solution™ treatment is a biologic developed to help patients suffering from lung inflammation, COPD, asthma, smoke inhalation injuries, and other lung related ailments.

The science of regenerative medicine focuses on stimulating the body’s own natural ability to heal and regenerate. PurAcel™ may offer hope for patients suffering from the signs and symptoms of inflammation and injury. This results in a natural, non-surgical, and long-lasting solution.

PurAcel™ is a sterile, acellular engineered biologic made from 230+ biomaterials. These biomaterials consist of nutrients such as proteins, cytokines, and growth factors, which are necessary for cell function, overall health, and homeostasis. These nutrients can help to reduce pain and inflammation, and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, repair, and regenerate.

PurAcel™ is developed utilizing our Sterile D-MAPPS™ (Decellularized – Multiple Allogeneic Proteins Paracrine Signaling) platform technology. This technology is designed to stimulate stem cell communication without cell to cell contact. All cytokines have multiple functions and multiple target cells, as well as shared activities. When secreted in normal amounts, cytokines are important in normal homeostasis; when introduced in larger amounts, cytokines are important in cell recruitment, cell differentiation, and inflammation, all necessary in the healing process.

Potential Mechanism

  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines help to reduce lung inflammation.
  • Growth factors aid in healing and regeneration.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps to lubricate and protect.

PurAcel Inhalation Solution™ contains 230+ naturally occurring proteins, cytokines, and growth factors such as VEGF, TGFβ1, TGFβ3, EGF, HC-HA/PTX-C.PTX-3 (Pentraxin 3), IL-1Ra, PDGF, ST2, bFGF, KGF, Collagen Types I, III, IV, V and GDF11.

PurAcel™ is a safe, sterile (SAL 10 -6), and acellular solution produced by our proprietary patent protected processes to ensure the safety, bioactivity, sterility, and preservation of the product.

Every lot of PurAcel™ is issued a “Certificate of Sterility” by a licensed testing laboratory and a “Certificate of Analysis” that documents the quality and safety of PurAcel™.

PurAcel™ is registered and regulated by the FDA under 21 CFR Part 1271 & PHS Act Section 361.

Treatment Details
The treatment is administered via a nebulizer, designed to distribute PurAcel™ equally throughout the lungs (especially to the middle and base of the lungs).

  • COPD – minimum of 3 treatments, 1 week apart
  • Asthma – minimum of 3 treatments, 1 week apart
  • Military burn pit victims – minimum of 3 treatments, 1 week apart
  • Smoke inhalation injuries – based on physician’s recommendation

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